Thursday, December 30, 2010

Change of name?

It's been too long since my last post, so I decided to update this a little before the end of the year!

Not much change has taken place, although I have moved my dolls around my room since I felt that leaving them at the side table somehow placed them too far out of my sight and thus I played less with them. Now my twins are on my table and Misaki and Zen (shall call her that at this point of time) are at my bed side. They look very different but somehow good together. Considering the fact that I bought Zen to be an opposite of Misaki, it makes sense.

The name Mika didn't seem to fit my newest girl, DOC T. Zen. I feel guilty because I have yet to figure out her identity too. Somehow I'm having trouble bonding with her because I just don't know how I should visualise her...

I think I have found some very good names for her now. My first choice is Rin, which means dignified and cold. It seems to fit the character I imagined for her, a wealthy but cold hearted lady who listens to no one. But the name seems too childish for that sort of character. Another option was Emi. I shall sleep on it.

The idea of a kimono is still very, very tempting, and I am most probably going to get her one. Have not yet decided on the style of kimono though. Part of me wants her to wear a long over-flowing style kimono (more like an top layer actually), and another part of me sticks with the Miko idea. Somewhere along the way, my mind has been toying with the idea of a modern twist type of kimono, short and girly, very playful. I will think further on this... Can't afford to randomly buy items now that I'm trying to reduce my spending on dolls! So far I've been very tempted but judging on how fast my family has grown, there's no spending room for even one more!

Been toying with the idea of giving my dolls family names. Hmm... Shall sleep on this too. Hanaki Rin? Morizawa Shin to Morizawa Akira? Will take time to think for the rest. Eiji is in for a name change as well. I shall think hard for his...

For now, this has just been a long rant so I shall stop here! Will update soon, I promise.